The features which classify casinos in having the best casino sites are those which are able to offer their players a large variety of casino games produced by the best software in the online gaming industry. Although there is much competition among these casino sites, they each guarantee an enjoyable round of games which are unique in every aspect.

Play Starburst Now for Free

Through the use of a variety of casino software providers such as the Microgaming casino software and Playtech casino software, they each utilise individual characteristics in all their games. However it is through the use of Netent casino software that the video slot Starburst was placed in the online gaming scene. The difference between a video slot and a standard slot is that video slots are unique to online casino sites alone and they may not be found in any other forms of casino venues. This means that all method of play has been put into place in order to benefit all players who are unable to travel to the closest land based casinos but still desire the ability to play entertaining games while still being in the chance to win high amounts. Starburst is one such video slot which comprises of five reels, three rows and includes additional features which can benefit the players in various ways. Such features include the common Netent video slot features which include wild substitutions, scatter symbols as well as bonus symbols. However as is the case with many video slots, each one has its own individual theme and characters and symbols which complement hat particular theme. In the case of Starburst, the theme is based on sparkling jewels in an arcade-like atmosphere. Although it seems similar to a standard slot machine, Starburst also includes an additional feature which is only available to it called the Starburst wild. Among the symbols which may be found within this game include various coloured gems, and the standard slot symbols which include the BAR symbols and the seven, while the wild symbol is a multitude of colours. The highest payout is granted with the combination of the BAR symbols while the lowest is the combination of the purple gem.

The Starburst wild feature is activated when one or more Starburst symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. When this occurs the Starburst wilds will expand to cover the entire reel and remain in place while the other reels will begin re-spinning. If, during the re-spins a new Starburst wild symbol appears, then it will also expand and hold the reel in place while the rest of the reels re-spin. This feature will end the minute that no more Starburst wild symbols appear. It is important to note however that no matter the number of re-spins, these are played at the same bet level and lines as the spin which activated the wild symbols in the first place. But, in order for players to increase their chances in winning large sums with these feature, it is suggested that players place the highest possible bets in relation to the bet lines and bet level. In the case of Starburst, the maximum possible bet lines which can be played are up to ten while the highest bet level is that of ten also. This selection can either be made manually with each pre-setting at the end of the rounds, or it may be selected through an automated option. This option; the max bet – is being offered wit all video slots produced by Netent. This will automatically enable players to select the maximum possible bet level and bet lines before each round. In order to enable this, players must click on the ‘max bet’ button which is located right next to the ‘spin’ button at the bottom of the screen. Another option being offered to all Starburst players is also the Auto play option. This will enable the reels to automatically spin at the pre-determined bet level and bet lines at the chosen coin value. By doing so, the players are given a number of automated spins to take place depending on the available credit. Once this credit has ended then the auto play will automatically seize until more credit is added. In the case of free casino sites, the players are being offered Starburst as free play with a substantial amount of free credit which can be renewed when the games is refreshed.

Starburst is also offered in various free casino sites in order to provide players with the chance to practice of even try out this entertaining video slot. Through this, players may prepare themselves for real play in the actual casino sites. Due to the fact that through the use of Netent casino software players do not require to download any additional software to their computers, Starburst can be played from any computer anywhere in the world without imprinting the computer with the particular game. Therefore in order to access this game in free play, players need not necessarily log into an existing account. All they need do is simply locate an online casino sites that offers Starburst and click on the game immediately in practice mode. The game will immediately and automatically open up with free credit which may be refreshed one the game is restarted. This will allow for a vast amount of time of free play for as long as the players desire. Any winnings obtained during this form of play will only be fictional and should players desire to begin winning for real, they may create an account with that same casino site and begin playing with real money. All winnings obtained through Starburst are immediately added to the players’ balances during game play therefore allowing them to exit the game with the possibility of inning large sums within a short period of time. This ability together with the various features offered by this game and its corresponding online casino sites will enable players to play in a user friendly environment with the highest pay outs possible.

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