Live Casino Blackjack

Blackjack has always been and still remains to this day one of the leading popular card games in casino history. Through the revolution of online gaming, it was then only a matter of time when the game was finally being offered to players who wanted to play their favourite game with real live dealers from the comfort of their own homes. Knowing that travelling long distances to a land based casinos may be tedious and time consuming for many players, it was this factor that led to players requiring access to the blackjack game instantly wherever they went.

There are various forms in which the game of blackjack is presented. And although there is a virtual version to choose from, it is the live casino blackjack that attracts the most interest. Depending on the type of software collaboration utilised by the various casino sites streaming the internet today, will determine the level at which the game is presented. Virtual casino blackjack can be offered by some of the most popular providers making use of Netent casino software, Playtech casino software or Microgaming casino software. In these cases, online players will play different kinds of blackjack against an automated dealer. Although this may not appeal to some players, they may rest assured that al end results are randomly generated and therefore do not give reason why the players should suspect a pre-determined game. On the other hand, the best casino sites offer players the unique chance to place live casino blackjack. This allows for play between online players and real live dealers via the internet without the dealers necessarily being within the same country. It was thanks to the globalised interaction usage of the internet that this is made possible. Cameras are specifically located above or in front of dealers located in either land based casinos or casino studios. These cameras in turn will broadcast a live transmission to the live casino sites allowing players to play live games including the ever growing popular live casino blackjack. The dependence on this transmission will set the rules and regulations of the standard blackjack to somewhat slightly different. But the objective of the game remains the same.

Live casino blackjack, in more ways than one, is played in the same way as one would expect it to be played in a land based casino. But certain specific rules may be alternated in order to adapt to the suitability of the transmission. But before being able to go into further details regarding this subject, it must be made clear on the general method in which blackjack is played. The main objective of each player is to place bets on a successful hand comprised of a maximum of twenty one points while still trying to beat the points accumulated in the dealer’s hand. In live casino blackjack, players are given a specific amount of time in which to place their bets in one or all the designated areas on the blackjack table. Once the time has expired, no more bets will be accepted and the dealer will begin by dealing the cards. The cards are dealt in a clockwise manner starting from the players’ hands and finally to the dealer’s one card at a time for each rotation. Two cards will be initially dealt while then the main game of blackjack will commence. From this point onwards it is up to the player to decide whether or not to be hit with an additional card or hold off from receiving any more. This is the rule that changes slightly when it comes to players playing live casino blackjack with dealers who are being transmitted from within a land based casino. The reason for this is the fact that there is no limit to the total number of online players who may play the same round of live casino blackjack. Therefore this makes it highly impossible for online players to communicate with these details in order to inform them of their decisions. In this case, then, it is up to the dealers to follow very strict rules in order to makes the decision for the player. When a hand comprises of a total of sixteen points or less, then the dealer will deal at least one additional card. If on the other hand, the hand comprises of seventeen points or more, then the dealer will seize from dealing further cards. The hand which has more points than the dealer up to a maximum amount of twenty one points will receive their winnings. The card point system is relatively simple to understand. Although there are many decks (an average of eight decks) used when dealing the blackjack cards, each card has its own set of points. For all pictures cards which are the King, Queen and Jack as well as the 10 card, these comprise of ten points each; the Ace card which is a very important card in casino Blackjack, is comprised of either eleven or one point depending on the card dealt after or before it. All other cards are calculated at their face value where for example the 5 card comprises of five points, the 2 card comprises of two points and so on and so forth.

It is understandable that there may be some players who may be unfamiliar with the live casino blackjack. Therefore the games themselves offer them assistance and constant access to the set rules and regulations of the game. A specific rule which would need to be kept in mind when playing live casino blackjack is the fact that each table has its own set of table limits. Before being able to access the game, players would need to choose from a series of different tables. This choice will depend on the minimum and maximum wagering limits they are willing to make during each single round. All bets are placed in the form of chips as would expect from any casino blackjack. The chips are either transferred automatically from players’ online casino accounts, or they may be transferred into chips manually by the players. Either way, any winnings which are obtained, are handed out into chips which can then also be transferred back into cash once players re-enter their main account. The odds further information of the live casino blackjack may be found within the game itself upon accessing the desired live casino sites.

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