Live Casino Baccarat

Over the last few centuries, casino games have been developed as a form of entertainment which eventually led to a new scene of gaming. Gaining the attention of monarchs and aristocracy such games would grow in popularity and eventually be housed in gambling houses. One such occurrence was in the case of the popular card game of Baccarat. Baccarat which was an Italian name given to the game meaning zero originated in Italy which quickly spread across other countries in Europe. So much so, that the game was given various names such as Puntobanco and Baccarat chemin de fer.

Casino Baccarat was quickly spreading and although it forced off the scene by new gambling laws it still strived as being one of the most popular card games. With the passing of time, and thanks to the introduction of new and innovative games over the internet, it was only a matter of time that casinos became interested in supplying players with the chance of playing their favourite games online. This is when live casino baccarat was born. With the creation of live casino sites, players from around the world were given the unique chance to place with actual live dealers from the comfort of their own homes without the need of travelling to land based casinos to do so. Therefore, through state of the art software and online capabilities, players could just sit back and play this popular casino game with one click of a button. The method in which to play in an online casino such as this one would require players to create and log into the particular casino which offered live casino baccarat. The reason for this is simple as all is being offered in real time and real mode as one would expect from a land based casino; thus providing the casino feel which is much desired among online players. Depending on the type of casino sites which provide live casino baccarat, the game may be presented in two live forms. In order to make the viewing of live dealers more accommodating, players are able to see the entire goings on at the dealer’s table through a live transmission broadcasted via the internet. This transmission can either be led from within a land based casino or from within a casino studio. The main difference between the two does not affect the rules and regulation of live casino baccarat, but instead it affects the method in which the online players play the game and communicate with the dealers. In the case of a live transmission from within a land based casino, there is no limit to the actual amount of online players who may play the same round at the same time. The reason for this as the dealers’ main focus is on land based casino players while online players are able to join in at any time. On the other hand, live casino baccarat with dealers within casino studios are interacted with as these are positioned for the sole purpose of online gaming. The interaction consists of dealers informing players of all that goes on during the game through audio commentary.

Live casino baccarat is a fast paced game which landed the interest of high powered people because of the fact that it was played based on high rollers. But nowadays, the game is being offered for all levels of players as there is the chance to choose from a series of tables based on a variety of table limits. Live casino baccarat, as is the case with live casino roulette and blackjack, encourages players to abide by the set rules and regulations of the game requiring them to play according to the minimum and maximum wagering requirements of each round. This ensures fair and honest play through the game. Once the players have therefore logged into their casino sites and selected the table of their choice, a screen will open up revealing an imitation table of baccarat similar to the one found in any land based casino. On the same screen an additional window will reveal the live transmission of the actual dealers. All rounds take place in real time and are not pre-recorded. The main objective of the game is for players to place their bets on this imitation table on either betting boxes marked Player, Bank or Tie. Depending on the hands dealt to the main betting areas of Player and Bank, the hand with the highest value wins and the player will receive his winnings accordingly.

As mentioned much earlier, the reason why the name casino Baccarat (meaning zero in Italian) was given to the game was due to the fact that all picture cards which are King, Queen and Jack as well as the number ten card have a value of zero. Although the game is fast paced and may seem overwhelming at first, it is quite easy to get used to. The method in which the cards are valued within live casino baccarat is simple. Apart from the picture cards and the number ten card, all other cards are calculated at face value. But one thing to remember which is important in live casino baccarat is the fact that all additions of the cards take into consideration the last number of their combination. This means that if for example, the two main cards are a 6 and 7, the total hand is valued at 3 points; from the addition of thirteen the last number three is taken into consideration. However the game of live casino baccarat does not end there as there are certain rules and regulations which would need to be followed while the cards are being dealt. These rules would need to be abided by the dealers, but for further reference and better understand online casino players may refer to these regulations which are provided within the game itself. But in order to give our readers an idea of this, the main hands of Bank and Player are dealt two cards each. A third card is only added in the condition that the corresponding cards are of specific numbers. But in the case that either hand has a number eight or a number nine card, then these hands remain as they are (‘natural’) and no further cards are added. Any hand which has a total of zero points, it is announced as baccarat.

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