Casino Sic Bo

Casino Sic Bo was originally derived from ancient China which and it means precious dice where players played a game of chance with three dice. But over time the name changed to dai siu and dai sai which means big or small and was eventually introduced in casinos in Macau. With its popularity spreading across Asia, it was only a matter of time that it was also introduced in the United States by Chinese immigrants. It is now also found among most casinos within America.

The objective of casino Sic Bo is for players to bet and try and determine the result of the three dice. The casino Sic Bo table set up in Asian casinos consists of a series of pictures of dice results whereby players are expected to place their chips on these images in the hopes that their bets turn out to be the winning combination. Although the table may seem intimidating at first, casino Sic Bo is quite easy to understand once the betting types are understood. At the bottom of the table is the first kind of betting, the single bets. The bottom row will indicate single numbers where players can place their bets for the chance that one of the three dice will indicate that particular number. The payout is even money but if two dice happen to reveal the same single number bet on then the payout is two to one and three to one if all three show the same number. However there is also a possibility of betting on the total valued amount of the three dice. On the second row of the table, players are given a series of numbers from four to seventeen. A player can place their bets on any of these numbers during casino Sic Bo and the payout will be determined according to the total amount. If a bet is placed on either a four or a seventeen then the payout is fifty to one (these are based on the payout ratios in Macau); bets placed on the five or the sixteen, then the payout is eighteen to one; bets on a six or a fifteen, then the payout odds are fourteen to one; bets on seven or fourteen the odds are twelve to one; bets on the eight or thirteen, the payout odds are eight to one; bets on the nine or twelve, the payout odds are six to one and finally bets on the ten or the eleven, the payout odds are also six to one. Next up on the casino Sic Bo table is the chance to place bets on either Big or Small amounts. This means that players are able to place bets on either these two marked boxes to indicate if the total value amounts of all three dice is either a high or low number. In the Big numbers, the total score will be revealed between eleven and seventeen and the payout odds are one to one. The Small bets also include a payout ratio of one to one but the total score must reach between four and ten. Three of a kind bets are the highest paying betting type in casino Sic Bo. Players are given the chance to place a bet on a series of numbers which they believe will be revealed by all three dice. This betting type has a payout ratio of one hundred and fifty to one. If however the players believed that any of the triple numbers will appear without specifying the exact number, the odds will drop to twenty four to one. Very much like Casino roulette, casino Sic Bo is determined by chance according to the roll of the dice and each result is placed on a screen close to the table in order for players to view all previous rolls.

With the advancement of technology and the growing popularity of online casinos sites, the best games are being offered and played online by players from around the world. Unfortunately casino Sic Bo did not grow as much in popularity in Europe as it did in Asia. However countries such as the Philippines and other best casino sites, are offering a variant to Casino Sic Bo and that is of Hi-Lo. This game is similar to casino Sic Bo but without the use of dice. In this case players bet on a series of cards and whether the next card up will be a low valued card or a high valued card. The best casino sites which do in fact offer casino Sic Bo, these can be offered in two versions; either live or virtual. In the case of Casino Sic Bo being offered live, an actual dealer’s feed is broadcasted over the internet allowing for players to view the outcome of the dice in a real live status. In the virtual version of casino Sic Bo, players will be able to view an imitation table on their screen of an actual Sic Bo table on which to place their chips. The table is setup in exactly the same way as that within land based casinos such as the ones found in Macau. During a specific amount of time, players are expected to place their bets on the table and once the time has expired, no more bets will be accepted. The dice will also roll automatically revealing the three numbers and any winnings obtained from players’ bets are immediately and automatically awarded into their online casino balances. One important factor to remain aware of when playing casino Sic Bo within casino sites, is the fact that it requires its players to abide by the table limits as would also be the case with casino baccarat and casino blackjack. Whenever players are playing casino Sic Bo or Hi-Lo, they must remain aware that this still remains a game of chance and although a certain amount of strategies may be utilised, the dice are rolled automatically. In the case of real live casino Sic Bo, the dice are encased in a transparent bubble within which strong air is blown to set the dice rolling. In the case of virtual casino Sic Bo, the dice run on a Random number generator which will reveal any results at random giving an equal chance for any player to win large sums of money.

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