Casino Red Dog

Red Dog is among the most popular casino poker games which are played among online casino sites as well as land based casinos. But it is important to note that with the passing of time its popularity among land based casinos has fallen while it still strives among casino sites. When a player plays in an online casino, the variation of casino red dog can be found in virtual format. This means that players will be playing on a one to one basis between an automated dealer and the online casino player. Although it is of a virtual nature, the game utilises a random number generator for which the results are generated at random and no manipulation may take place from either the casino or the player’s side.

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Through the use of some of the most sophisticated software mechanisms, players are able to play casino Red Dog in an environment comprised of the best state of the art graphics, crisp animation and soothing casino background music. More often than not this casino game is created and developed by some of the leading online gaming providers such as the Netent, Playtech and Microgaming software. The description of this version of casino Red Dog is based on the progressive game created by Netent software as the set up of the game may differ depending on the online casino sites. Casino Red Dog utilises a single deck of fifty two cards which are shuffled at the beginning of each round. This is done automatically and it must be remembered that no real dealers are present on the screen when this is occurring. In fact upon entering the casino red dog game online, players will view an imitation table on which they are expected to place their bets. It comprises of two placements marked with Ante and Raise where the bets are to be placed. As is the case with any game provided by the best casino sites including those of the live casino sites, players are expected to abide by the table limits provided which directs the minimum and maximum amount of bets which can be placed on the table. On the screen, players are given a reference to these limits. The main objective of the game is for players to receive a card which equals a value in between the two values of the first two cards drawn.

This means that in each game round, three cards are dealt where two are facing upwards and the third is facing down. The way in which these cards are placed is from left to right with the first being face up, the second being face down and the third being face up. However before the cards are dealt, the player is expected to place an ante bet as is the case with all other casino poker games. Casino Red Dog will then require the player to raise their bets from the ante if they think the middle card which is facing down is of a mid-value of the other two cards. A terms which needs to be recognised when playing casino red dog and any other poker game for that matter is the term ‘spread’. This is the number of cards which can fit in between the values of the other two cards placed face up on the table. For example if the two cards are a 3 and a 7, then it is a three card spread (a 4, a 5, and a 6). Once the cards have been dealt and a player decided to either raise the bets or stick to the ante, then the third card is revealed facing up. If there is a chance that the third card is identical or more than the spread of the two cards then the house (casino) wins. If there is a chance that the two initial cards are equal then the third card is also turned up with the chance of revealing three of a kind. In this case the payout ratio is that of eleven to one. In order to calculate the value of the cards in casino Red Dog, these follow the same rules as a standard poker game whereby the Ace has a value of fourteen and the picture cards are valued as thirteen for King, twelve for Queen and eleven for Jack. All other cards are calculated at their face value.

In order to play casino Red Dog as a virtual game within online casino sites, players may be given the opportunity to try out the game and follow its rules and regulations within the free casino sites. This would mean that players are immediately given a substantial amount of free credit with which to better acquaint themselves with the game. It is simple and easy to follows and is based on luck of the draw. Unlike casino poker which requires a certain amount of bluffing in this case, players need simply make the decision of either raising their bets or not based on luck of the draw. In order to play this online, payers are given a series of coins on the bottom of their screen. A coin value would need to be selected before being able to place them on the table. Once this has been done, an indicative arrow will show the position where the player is to place their ante bet before the cards are dealt. Once the player is then satisfied with their initial bet, then they need to simply click on the ‘deal’ button in order for the three cards to be dealt. After viewing the two main cards, then the player may then opt on whether to raise the bet or remain with the ante bet and call in order for the third card to be revealed. The amount raised will be equal to the ante and therefore the bet is doubled. With every loss, the house claims the bet amount while with each win, the player can decide on whether to leave their bets and wins on the table as a new bet and deal a new hand or collect them and bet a new amount. Any winnings obtained from casino Red Dog and collected will then be immediately transferred to players’ online casino accounts (if they are playing in real mode) and be given the opportunity to place a withdrawal request.

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