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Another great game being offered by countless online casino sites is casino poker. Poker refers to a series of card games which involves players playing their individual hand of cards in the hopes of gaining the highest value and combination of cards possible. Poker games come in various versions and one such poker game and a game which has been flourishing among casino players is Texas Hold ‘em. But apart from being to play casino poker in tournaments with land based casinos around the world, players are now given the possibility of playing poker games online. Some of the best casino sites offer their players the chance to either play virtual casino poker or even gain access to some of the most challenging online poker tournaments in the industry.

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The very first reference to casino poker was in New Orleans whereby four players with a deck of twenty cards bet on which player hand had the highest value. This was reported in the mid 19th century. More often than not the then casino poker was being played on river boats which cruised the Mississippi river where it was well guarded and controlled. As it began to spread across the United States, the deck of fifty two cards was introduced as well as the flush. Thus, developing the game further and creating more competition among the players. The opportunity to draw cards was then later also added as well as the eventual stud poker and the straight. Other forms of casino poker included the development of wild card poker, lowball, split-pot poker and community card poker. In the late 20th century tournaments were created in order to produce a world series thus making it part of a popular casino culture across the United States. The popularity of casino poker grew so fast that it also spread among casinos located around the world. So much so that nowadays poker is available to be played via satellite and of course the ability to play in an online casino which provide casino poker. The method in which online casino poker is played is similar to that of the standard casino poker. So much so that the virtual version applies the same rules and regulations as well as the ability to make poker decisions with one click of a button. In casino poker, the dealer of the casino will begin dealing the cards clockwise one at a time to each hand and player. The same is the case when playing any major card game including casino blackjack and live casino baccarat. But there is a marker placed on the table which rotates per player indicating them as the primal player in order to determine the betting.

An initial bet called an ante is placed on the table before the cards are dealt. This will determine the minimum betting amount for the whole table in which players would need to place the same amount of bets in order to receive cards. After shuffling the cards, the dealer will then begin dealing the cards after they have been cut by the player to the right of the dealer. Depending on the version of the casino poker game being played, the cards will either be dealt face up or face down to each player. After the first deal of cards, the betting rounds commence. This means that in between each new card being dealt a player is able to view his cards and after getting a feel of what is to come, he can decide to either up his bets or not. If an opponent does this and the other players wish to continue within the game, they can either match that opponent’s bet or increase it by a further amount or fold and lose their bets. All bets are placed in the middle of the table in what is called a pot. If only one opponent places a bet and none of the others decide to match that amount, they automatically fold and all winnings go to that opponent. This is where bluffing comes in making the game interesting and somewhat difficult. As it is sometimes unable to read players’ thoughts, bluffing comes in handy when placing bets on a hand that does not have much value in the hopes that players will not match that bet. This is what the principal feature of casino poker is. If at the end of the game, there are only two players standing, then there is a showdown whereby these players will begin to reveal their cards. They will first reveal the first two cards dealt to them and at the end, the player with the highest value of cards will be the winner and will receive the whole amount in the pot.

As mentioned earlier, there are different versions to the casino poker which can be found among the best casino sites as well as land based casinos. The main ones include casino Red Dog, Straight up, stud casino poker, Texas Hold ‘em and Draw poker to mention a few. In straight poker, it follows the standard rules of casino poker whereby players are dealt a complete hand and players will place their bets in the initial round having the chance to raise the stakes or not as the game progresses. This is the oldest fashioned version of casino poker as described earlier on. Stud casino poker on the other hand is when cards are dealt both face down and face up. The initial stud poker comprised of three cards but then it progressed to five cards per hand allowing the players to switch their cards following set rules and regulations; this is referred to as Draw poker. Another variety of such a poker game is the seven stud casino poker whereby players are dealt seven cards from which they would need to choose the best five cards in their hand. In the case of Texas Hold ‘em the rules and method of play is somewhat different. This allows for small and big blind bets. In this case five common cards are placed in the centre of the table common to all while the players are dealt two cards each. The standard betting process of poker will take place depending on the combination of cards between the player’s hand and the common cards. The player who remains with the highest value of cards at the end of the game wins the pot.

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