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Blackjack is yet another of the popular card games which has been played throughout the years. Although it was firstly introduced in Spain as a game called ventiuna (which means twenty one in Spanish), there is an argument among historians as to the exact origins of the game. It was not until later, when it was introduced in America that its name changed to Blackjack. The reason for this was due to the fact that the American version offered players an additional bonus whenever their hand included either a Jack of spades or a Jack of clubs. Thus the name of Blackjack stuck to this ever growing popular game.

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Casino Blackjack was being played among players worldwide in saloons, gambling houses and eventually in casinos. These casinos provided a safe and secure environment in which professionally trained dealers were able to deal out the cards following strict rules and regulations. Over the last few years up until present time, the growing increase of online dependency led to the introduction of casino blackjack as an online game being provided by both live casino sites and the best casino sites. This meant that the game was being offered in two main versions which included virtual mode in which players played with automated dealers and live mode whereby players played with actual live dealers through transmissions via the internet. Either way, the game of casino blackjack became an overnight sensation in online gaming. Players who desired a more frequent possibility to play the game were given that chance with online casino sites which utilised some of the most advanced software in order to do so. However before going into further detail on the method in which online casino blackjack is played, players must first be fully comprehensive of the Blackjack game itself. The main objective of the game is for players to contain a hand of cards which total in value of up to twenty one or at least higher than the dealer’s own hand. If the value of the cards exceeds those twenty one, then the hand goes bust and the player loses his bets. The game starts out with players placing their initial bets on the place mats in front of them. The dealer will then begin to deal the cards in a clockwise formation starting from the players and eventually to his own hand. The players will be dealt two cards each one at a time. From this point onwards, according to the casino blackjack rules, it is up to the individual player to decide on whether or not they desire to add further cards to their hand. There is a series of options to choose from including ‘hit’ for an additional card, ‘stand’ to leave the cards the way they are, ‘split’ to split the cards into two hands or quit by handing in the cards and their bets. In order for players to calculate the value of their cards, they would need to sum up the cards in their hand. This is a simple process and easy to do. All picture cards or figure cards which are the King, Queen and Jack have a total value of ten points each; the same goes for the number 10 card also. The Ace has a total value of either eleven or one point depending on the cards prior or to follow the Ace as well as on the player’s decision. All other cards are calculated at face value where the number 2 card has two points, the number 5 card has five points, the number 9 card has nine points and so on and so forth.

The casino blackjack rules are applied in the same way when it comes to virtual online casino blackjack. This means that although the player is playing with an automated dealer, the online players will still need to make the decisions as to the occurrence of their cards. This is done with a click of the button of the options which are provided on their screens. If a player is unfamiliar with the method in which this virtual game is played, they may refer to free casino sites which provide this version of casino blackjack with a substantial amount of free credit. This will give them the opportunity to practice and better acquaint themselves with the game of blackjack. Although this is all automated, players may rest assured that no manipulation may take place from either the casino sites or the players themselves. The reason for this is due to the fact that they run on a random number generator whereby all results are randomly generated. If on the other hand, a player has the desire to play with actual dealers, this is also made possible thanks to the live casino sites available throughout the internet. Through live transmissions broadcasted via the internet, online casino players could either player with dealers from within an actual land based casino or from within a casino studio. It is important to note that the method in which live casino blackjack is played will depend on this transmission. On the occasion that casino blackjack is played with dealers within a land based casino, there is no limit to the total number of online players who may play the same round therefore making it impossible for players to communicate with these dealers. Therefore it is up to the dealers to make the decisions for the players regarding their game play through the use of strict rules and regulations. If on the other hand the live transmission is broadcasted from a casino studio, the dealers are purposely put into place for the benefit of online players alone. In this case, dealers are able to communicate with the players and vice versa.

But no matter the form in which casino blackjack is played, players will be guaranteed a fun and exciting game from which they are able to win large sums. Blackjack remains a game of luck but there are certain opportunities given where players may follow certain strategies in order to benefit more. More often than not it is suggested that players ‘stand’ when the value of their cards is seventeen points or more. If the value is that of sixteen or less another card is usually requested. A perfect blackjack may be obtained with two cards; a picture card comprised of ten points and an ace comprised of eleven points. Thus, totalling the twenty one card value required to win. But it is important that this value does not exceed twenty one or else the hand goes bust and players lose their entire bets.

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