Casino Big Wheel

Casino Big Wheel is one of the most popular casino games being played among American casinos, British casinos as well as among the best casino sites online. Similar the popular television game the Wheel of Fortune, casino Big Wheel can in fact bring players big fortunes trough a simple method of play involving an actual big wheel. The objective of the game is for players to predict the number which will be revealed on the wheel once it has spun.

The actual casino Big Wheel is divided into a series of numbers which are separated into slots or divided up buy spokes. The series of numbers varies depending on the type of casino Big Wheel game being played and is not the same. Once bets are placed on a specific table layout, the dealer will then rotate the wheel and the winning number will be pointed out by a rubber pointer at the top of the wheel once the casino Big Wheel has stopped spinning. The main varieties of casino Big Wheel are the money wheel and the dice wheel. Money wheel is the most common version of casino big wheel in land based casinos within the United States of America. While on the other hand Dice wheel includes the utilisation of three dice, it is not as commonly players as the money wheel. The symbols which can be found within the money wheel include the one, two, five, ten and twenty representing amounts in dollars. Also are included additional symbols such as jokers and re-spins. In order for the game to commence players would need to place their bets first on the table layout which include these specific symbols. Casino players can place their bets on any of these except of course the re-spin symbols which are found on the casino Big Wheel. It is important to note that players must abide by the set rules and regulations of the table limits imposed by the casino in order to avoid excessive betting. This is a form of responsible gaming implemented by both land based casinos and casino sites alike. The payout odds are simple to view and calculate. The marked betting boxes on the table show that for the one symbol, the odds are one to one, for the two symbol, the odds are two to one, for the five symbol the odds are five to one and so on and so forth. The joker symbol on the other hand has a payout odd of either forty to one or forty five to one depending on the casino which is offering casino Big Wheel. The re-spin entitles the dealer to re-spin the wheel whenever it is marked. Once the bets have then been placed, then the dealer will begin by spinning the large casino wheel. Another feature to remember about this version of casino Big Wheel is the fact that it offers one of the highest house advantages among all casino games whereby in America the house edge is at approximately 11% and in Australia it is at approximately 8%.

With the advanced development of technology and the increase in popularity of online casinos, there is a wide range of casino software companies which have created a new version of casino Big Wheel which can be played online. Such software includes the Playtech software which has done just that. As mentioned earlier, it is the version of the money wheel variant of casino Big Wheel that is the most popular version of casino wheels. Therefore it was only inevitable that casino Big Wheel would be included among the possibilities to play in an online casino. There are few live casino sites which also offer players the chance to play with actual live dealers. The method in which this is presented is that dealers have been specially positioned within a casino studio including a big wheel and the table layout of casino Big Wheel. From an online player’s point of view, they are able to enter their preferred online casino offering this game and be diverted to a screen which would transmit the live broadcast from where this dealer is located. On their screen they will find an imitation table including the betting options available and where they are expected to place their chips. A specific amount of time is then given to players to place their bets, and once this has expired and no further bets are accepted, then the dealer will then begin by rolling the wheel. The broadcast will zoom in onto the wheel and the pointer pointing at a particular symbol once the rotating has stopped. This will determine on whether the players have made the correct bets and the odds are paid out accordingly. A very similar opportunity of such play is provided with live casino roulette.

Another version of casino Big Wheel is that of the virtual type being offered by Playtech software. In this case, the wheel is rotated automatically without the need of a dealer as the animation and graphics offer a state of the art method of play. In order to avoid manipulation of any kind, the wheel runs on a number generator which means that the wheel results are never pre-determined and therefore offers fair and honest play. As is the case with the live version of casino Big Wheel, players are given the primary chance of placing their bets on an imitation table on their screens. Once they are satisfied with their bets, they may then proceed in setting the wheel spinning by clicking on the option ‘spin’. The wheel will spin accordingly and land on one symbol. Any winning obtained from casino Big Wheel will then be transferred automatically into players’ account balances with the chance to request withdrawals into actual cash should they desire. Once of the biggest advantages being offered by this virtual version of casino Big Wheel is the chance to play it among free casino sites. This means that should any player be unfamiliar with the game or wishes to better acquaint himself with the game, they may do so for free. Upon entering this casino game, a substantial amount of free credit is provided to play with. But it is important to note that no winning may be cashed out and should they wish to do, play in real mode would be required.

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