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Another popular game of chance being offered by casinos worldwide is that of casino baccarat. Although in the past the game itself had been the centre of attention for high rollers and aristocracy, it has nowadays produced a series followers and players of various levels. Due to its fast paced nature, it ensures players an entertaining feature as well as the possibility of acquiring large sums over a short period of time.

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The name of casino Baccarat was first given to the game by the Italians for the simple reason that baccarat means zero because of the fact that all picture cards including the number ten card have a zero value. The main objective of casino baccarat is for players to place bets on a table marked with boxes named either Bank, Player or Tie in the hopes that their bets will correspond to the hand with the highest value of cards. Although the main hands are dealt in the Player and Banker positions, the option of Tie is given for the odd chance that the values of these two hands match. Over the passing of time, the casino baccarat was given variations in order to adapt to the countries in which it was being played. Such examples include Puntobanco and Baccarat chemin de fer where in Puntobanco the name given for the player is Punto and the name given for banker is Banco; hence Puntobanco. But no matter the variation of the game, casino baccarat is played in the same method. With the advance in technology and the growing dependency on online gaming for comfort, casino sites have sought out ways in providing their players with the chance of playing casino Baccarat in either live or virtual mode. The live casino baccarat provides players the chance to play with actual dealers on their screens via live online transmission, while virtual casino baccarat which is also offered among free casino sites, offer players the chance to play with an automated dealer through the use of specialised software such as Netent, Playtech and Microgaming software. But one thing remains certain for all and that is the rules and regulations of the game. As mentioned earlier, casino baccarat is based on the value of cards in order to determine a winning hand. At the start of the game, the player will place their bets on the on any or even all the marked settings. Once the cards begin to be dealt, a player may easily calculate the hand value by simply adding up the total amounts. We have already established that the picture cards and the number ten card are valued at zero points, while all other cards are calculated at face value where the Ace is valued at one point, the five is valued at five points and so on and so forth. However one thing to keep in mind when playing casino Baccarat is the fact that when the total value of the hand is added it cannot exceed nine points. The reason for this is because any double figure will only take into consideration the last number. Consider the following two examples: in Casino Baccarat, if a hand lands a 6 and an Ace, then the total value of the hand is seven; if on the other hand however the two cards are a nine and a four, then the total value is not thirteen but it is a three taking the second digit as the value. Any hand which totals a value of zero, then the hand is referred to as baccarat.

As seen, the method in which the cards are added is fairly simple to understand in casino baccarat. The more complex nature of the game is indicated in the drawing of the cards and the series in which it is to be done. By following strict rules and regulations of the game, the dealers must ensure that these rules are followed in order to perform a just and honest game of casino baccarat. In order to make these rules simpler to understand and not seem overwhelming the rules are described as follows. Once a player has placed their bets on the marked settings of Banker, Player and Tie, the dealer will then commence dealing the cards. The cards are dealt in a clockwise manner commencing from the Player and then Bank one card at a time until both hands have two cards. This is where the game becomes more complicated as at this point the player must follow the rules in order to determine whether these two hands need to be dealt a third card. In casino baccarat if either the Player or the Banker are dealt a total of eight or nine points in the first two cards, then these are referred to as natural and do not require a third card. But if the Player has a total of zero to five value then the dealer must draw another card. But if the Player has a value of six or seven then the hand stands as it is. Simple enough! For the Banker the casino baccarat rules are slightly different. If the Banker has a total value of two or less, then another card is drawn no matter what the Player’s third card is. If the Banker’s value is at three, then another card is drawn unless the Player’s third card is an eight. If the Banker’s total value is that of four, then another card is drawn only if the Player’s third card is a two, three, four, five, six or seven. If on the other hand, the Banker’s total value is of five then another card is also drawn only if the Player’s third card is a four, five, six or seven. Finally if the banker’s total value is a six then another card is drawn only is the Player’s third card is a six or a seven. In the case that the Baker’s total value is that of seven, then the hand remains as it is.

It is understandable that casino baccarat may be somewhat overwhelming at first especially considering the final rules and regulations of the third card. But there is an opportunity being offered by free casinos sites which enable their players the chance to play in an online casino with a free substantial amount of free credit. In this manner casino baccarat may be played in virtual mode enabling players to better acquaint them with the game.

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