Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is yet another of the most popular video slots being presented by casino sites. This game utilises the Netent casino software which enables players to play it from any computer anywhere in the world without the need to download any additional software in the process. This means that this game can be presented in various types of casino sites including those free casino sites which may offer this video slot in free mode.

Play Blood Suckers Now for Free

Video slots are the type of slots which can only be found among online casino sites and nowhere else. They have been created and developed for online gaming purposes alone and vary depending on their features and themes. These themes will differ in order to provide a variety of various games to suit the individual player. This means that players are given a choice of hundreds of such games to choose from and each will have their own unique additions which make the game that much more interesting. Other similar games include Ghost Pirates, Scarface, Robin Hood and Piggy Riches. Although each one of the Netent video slots include common slot features such as wild substitutions, free spins, scatter symbols and bonus symbols, in the case of Blood Suckers, the game also includes a mini off the reel bonus game which entails players to slay vampires. As mentioned earlier each game has a theme and symbols which compliment that particular theme. Blood Suckers is a video slot which comprise of five reels, three rows and 25 bet lines which may be played at a variety of coin values as pre-determined by the player. The theme revolves around a story line based on vampires who have escaped their coffins and are wreaking havoc among the living. Among the various symbols which may be found among its reels include various types of vampires, coffins, wooden bloody steaks, and garlic among others. The highest payout comes from the combination of the various Blood Suckers vampire symbols while the lowest comes from th3e combination of the garlic symbols.

The Blood Suckers free spins are activated when three or more scatter symbols in the form of a vampire bride appear anywhere on the reels. Depending on the number of scatter symbols spun, the player will receive 10 free spins with three and additional ten free spins with each additional free spin symbol after that. During the free spin feature, the player has the chance of winning additional free spins depending on the number of scatter symbols spun. However no matter the number of free spins won, it is important to note that these are played at the same bet level and bet lines as the spin which activated the free spins in the first place. Therefore in order for players to have a higher chance of winning larger amounts, it is suggested that players play the max bet option provided within this video slot. This is an option provided with all Netent video slots and not only Blood Suckers. By clicking this, players will automatically activate the Blood Suckers maximum bet lines and bet level of the game with a pre-determined coin value per round. But should a player not wish to do this, they may manually select the bet level and bet lines themselves. Any winnings obtained from the free spins are totalled and added to players’ balances before they are returned to the main game reels.

On the other hand, there is an additional feature which is being offered to players of Blood Suckers. This is the off reel mini bonus game which complements the theme of this video slots. This bonus game is activated when three or more successive bonus symbols appear on an active bet lines from the left most reel all the way to the right. Once this occurs, players are diverted to a separate off reel screen which will reveal a number of coffins within a burial chamber. The objective of the player is to click on any of these coffins in the hopes of staking the vampires within. With each stake, the dead vampires will reveal a bonus amount. The bonus game will continue to be played for as long as players select coffins with vampires in them. A player however must be made aware that not all Blood Suckers coffins contain vampires. There are some which are empty and in this case, bats will fly out of the coffins instead. When this happens, the bonus game will immediately and automatically end. All winnings obtained from the bonus games are totalled and added to players’ balance. These winnings are in direct proportion to the bet level and lines of the bonus symbols which activated the bonus game in the first place. Therefore this is another reason why it is suggested that players utilise the max bet option being provided within the game in the casino site. The maximum bonus coins which can be won within a single bonus game are 20,320. Another option which is being offered to players who play Blood Suckers as well as any other Netent video slot is the auto play. This auto play may be used only during the main game play as it enables the reels to spin automatically without players having to click on the ‘spin’ button after each round. This means that by selecting the ‘auto’ option on the bottom left of the screen a player is able to select the number of spins they wish the auto play to take place for. This will be determined according to the credit available in a player’s balance and the coin value (together with the bet level and bet line) being played. If at any point in time, the credit runs out then the auto play will automatically seize. If on the other hand, the player wishes to stop the auto play themselves, they may also do so by selecting the ‘stop’ option within the auto play. All these options together with its unique features are what make Blood Suckers one of the most popular Netent video slots in the market. Together with its high pay outs, players are given the chance to exit the game with the possibility of winning large amounts.

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